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Answers About Lice Removal

How do you remove lice?


At Heads Up we use a gentle all natural time tested process to go strand by stand and manually remove lice and nits. There is no other way to ensure all lice and nits are removed. 



Why don't you use machines or other technology?


When it comes to lice removal, there are no shortcuts. Experience has taught us that creating a calm and comforting atmosphere for children is best for ensuring cooperation during the lice removal process.  Here at Heads Up we are very kid friendly with all of our staff being either parents or child care workers.  We believe there is no better way to end the Head Lice cycle than to simply remove every egg and kill every bug.  This process is what we are experts at doing with our gentle hands-on process.  When children are happy and feel safe, we can make sure that we are doing everything possible to remove 100% of the lice and nits.



How are head lice spread?


Head lice are most often spread from head-to-head direct contact. Hugging, slumber parties, summer camps, etc.   Direct head-to-head contact is 98% of the time the way head lice are passed.  


Lice cannot live off the scalp for more than 24-48 hours, therefore, it is less likely contracted from the environment. 



My school has a "no-nit" policy.  Will my child be able to return to school right away?


Most schools in Florida have a "no-nit" policy.   This means missing time out of school and parents missing time from work. Every child treated by Heads Up is provided with a certificate of treatment indicating that all adult lice as well as nymphs and nits have been removed from the child’s head. The child is therefore “clear” to return to school and poses absolutely no risk to other children or school staff.



Is head lice a sign of a dirty home or poor hygiene?


NO! Head lice occurs simply by direct head contact.   Actually,  head lice prefer clean hair, but in the end, they are attracted to whatever will provide the best environment for their survival.



Can lice jump or fly?


NO! Lice do not have the biological mechanisms to jump or fly. Lice crawl from hair strand to hair strand. They are extremely fast BUT do not jump or fly.



What do I need BEFORE my appointment for head lice removal?


PLEASE ARRIVE WITH CLEAN, DRY HAIR. Remove any styling products or lice removal products. 

Brush out all tangles.

Consider bringing a snack and any entertainment devices.


What do I need to do AFTER my appointment?


  • Prior to going to bed shampoo your hair in the shower while protecting your eyes.  Preferrably using lice prevention products.

  • Keep your hair pulled back when in group settings and use preventive lice shampoo, conditioner, and repellent spray.

  • Immediately following appointment clean your house.  

  • Vacuum flooring, wash bedding, place brushes, hair ties, head bands, etc. in freezer over night, place stuffed animals and anything that can't be washed in the dryer for 30 minutes.  Vacuum couches and chairs.

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