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The Heads Up Lice Removal 30 Day Guarantee

Our affordable, safe, pain-free, and all natural treatments come with a 100% guarantee!


No Gimmicks, just the best thorough, one time treatment in Jacksonville! 


* All members of household must be checked and treated if evidence of lice or nits exist
* Linen and house cleaning adhered to

* Guarantee is void if these guidelines are not met



We properly identify lice and nits using a dry and wet inspection method.  Our Head Checks are very thorough strand by strand checks.  You leave our salon completely reassured that you are clear of lice. 


Please call for your appointment. 904-472-5438 


  • Heads Up Checks:  $25 

  • Family Head Checks:  $13 

  • Cost of Head Checks are included in Treatment price if evidence of lice is found and you are treated in our salon.  

  • Camp/School Head Check Screening:  Call for pricing 





This service includes: 


  • A trained and experienced technician completing a full head check to identify exactly who has lice. 

  • Next we apply our head lice killing and nit loosening mousse. This mousse is non-toxic and chemical free.

  • Our qualified technician will perform a full comb-out removing all nits and lice from the hair.

  • We will then inspect each strand of hair to ensure that all lice and nits are removed. 

  • Last you will leave our salon with a super power filled oil that will kill any remaining lice within seconds! 

  • We'll also help you notify any list of friends, classmates, co-workers or other group of people you've been around lately using our Heads Up Friend Notification® Service. And if keeping your identity quiet is important we can do that too! 


This ensures that your cycle of lice ends with us. If lice is found during your head check and we complete your lice treatment the cost of the Head Check is included in your treatment. 


Please call for your appointment.  904-472-5438 


Treatment cost:  $134 flat rate charge.  


Our Flat rate eliminates our technicians rushing and ensures your infestation is done in one treatment. 


NO hidden fees!  No Pain! No Stress!


Come in and be done with it! 











Gentle Hands Lice Removal

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