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End of the School Year Gifts That Teachers Will Actually Use

Let's be real, teachers put up with a lot — which is why it's absolutely necessary to show them that we totally appreciate the fact they made it through the whole school year with our kids in the classroom. Teaching may seem like a thankless job at times, but we're all about finding gifts to show these overworked and underpaid heroes just how much they mean to us and our children.Here are almost three dozen budget-friendly gifts that any teacher will actually appreciate and use.

1. Gift card bouquet: It is hard to go wrong with getting your child's teacher a gift card; however, I love this idea of a gift card bouquet from The Cul-De-Sac blog. This would be perfect if you are doing a gift from the entire class or if several of you are going in on this together. Pick up gift cards from your teacher's favorite stores and restaurants and glue them onto a paper flower attached to a stick. Insert the sticks into floral foam that is placed in a colorful pail. Paint the words, "Thank you for helping us grow," for a great finishing touch.If the gift card bouquet would be too expensive, you can never go wrong with a gift card to her favorite restaurant, Target, grocery store or Amazon. For middle school kids who have multiple teachers, buying $5 Starbucks gift cards with a thank-you note attached would also be appreciated.

2. School supply bouquet- This inventive school supply bouquet is the perfect way to set your teacher up with all the best supplies.

3. Cookies in a jar: Cookies. In a jar. That is all.

4. Supply cup Two gifts in one: This supply cup has everything a teacher needs.

5. Personalized Cup: This personalized cup is perfect for keeping your teacher hydrated!

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