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Summer Bucket List

It's summer and officially the season to make memories with your kids. Here's a list of must do bucket list items for families in the Jacksonville area.

  1. Have a Picnic at the Park

  2. Go to the Beach

  3. Eat Ice Cream

  4. Go to a Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp Baseball Game

  5. Go to the Movies

  6. Have a sleepover

  7. Stay up late stargazing

  8. Visit a Spring or State Park

  9. Make Homemade Popsicles

  10. Play in the Rain

  11. Have a Water Balloon Fight

  12. Watch Fireworks

  13. Take a trip in a boat

  14. Travel somewhere new

  15. Pick the best backpack for back to school!

We hope you and your family have the best summer ever! Don't let head lice get in the way. If you suspect your child has lice, give us a call and set up a head check ASAP.

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