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Fall Lice Prevention

As fall arrives so does an increasing chance of head lice. Kids head back to school and come in close contact with our students. Hats are worn and shared as the weather cools off and slumber parties become the norm as classmates form new friendships. So what can you do to help prevent head lice? Follow these tips! 

Discuss the important of NOT sharing personal items with your kids (hats, hair ties, brushes, combs, etc)

Talk about head to head contact and how it can transmit head lice from one person to another.

Prevent kids from sharing bedding at a slumber party

For girls, keep their hair tied back with a pony tail to lessen the chance of catching lice

Check your child’s head frequently 

Use our lice prevention spray for extra protection against lice

Make this fall fun and lice free! If you think your child has lice, call us for a head check ASAP!

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