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Staying Lice Free in 2018

As the New Year approaches, people will begin declaring their resolutions and goals for 2018. One goal for every family is to stay lice free. Here's a few tips to keep you lice free in 2018.

Head lice are most often spread from head-to-head direct contact. Hugging, slumber parties, etc. Direct head-to-head contact is 98% of the time the way head lice are passed. Lice cannot live off the scalp for more than 24-48 hours, therefore, it is less likely contracted from the environment. Teach your kids to keep their hats, brushes, hair ties, etc to themselves and not to borrow any from friends.

Is head lice a sign of a dirty home or poor hygiene? NO! Head lice occurs simply by direct head contact. Actually, head lice prefer clean hair, but in the end, they are attracted to whatever will provide the best environment for their survival.

Can lice jump or fly? NO! Lice do not have the biological mechanisms to jump or fly. Lice crawl from hair strand to hair strand. They are extremely fast BUT do not jump or fly.

If you think your child has head lice, contact us today! Heads Up Lice Removal Salon has been helping families in Jacksonville since 2012. We provide head lice checks and complete head lice treatment and lice removal in one visitin our warm and welcoming treatment salon. Here at Heads Up, we use time tested and proven methods. Detailed, time tested, traditional strand-by-strand manual removal of nits is the only 100% effective means to kill nits (eggs). Our one time treatments are so effective we only offer ONE, FLAT RATE treatment option.Schedule

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