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"Can't say enough about how great this business is! The staff is so friendly, professional, and accommodating - willing to work with your schedule to get you in and get the problem handled, able to explain the treatment and why it works, and you get fast, efficient, and effective service. Hoping we never get lice again, but if we do, will definitely use this service again."
~ C.T.


 Shelly is a true and honest professional.  She fit me in same day to address a lice infestation identified by my hair dresser the previous evening.  I had completed an over the counter treatment the night before, but I was uncertain about my comb-out since I have long, thick hair and I completed it myself.  When I arrived, she offered to head check me before treatment.  The head check showed that I was completely lice-free.  She offered to comb me out anyway, and I accepted.  She charged me far less than her rate for a full treatment.  I am impressed by her honesty and her expertise.  When clients come in freaked out about a lice infestation and are willing to pay a lot just to make it go away....  Shelly gives an honest assessment and sends people on their way with peace of mind.  I just can't say enough about her service.
~ Sarah T.

"Shelly and her staff are fantastic.   We tried every OTC remedy, and some home remedies including vinegar, mayo, and olive oil, but must have left a nit or two behind each time.   We wanted to do everything we could to save her long, beautiful hair.  Finally, we found Shelly and Heads Up.  It was a beautiful experience to be in a private salon while Shelly or her staff painlessly took care of our daughter.   With her complimentary follow up  check-ups, you can be confident that the issue is taken care of the first time.  Thank you so much!"
~ Terri B.


Effective When Nothing Else Works

I had been battling head lice in both my daughters for 3 weeks.  It had gotten to the point where I thought I saw lice everywhere!  I was at my wits end with it.  I had done all the research on-line that I could think of, talked to the pharmacy staff at both CVS and Walgreens, had called my counties Health Dept., and no one had an answer for me really just things to try. 


So, my eldest daughter in the midst of all of this had gotten swimmers ear so I took her to the Min Clinic (CVS) in my county and we got to discussing head lice (since it was ALWAYS on my mind) and she called a colleague of hers and referred me to Shelly.  Well, I called her immediately and she was able to take me the next day! 


I was thrilled and slept so much better that night.  The next morning we go and Shelly is there waiting on us.  She welcomes us with open arms.  After we all treated (cause yes I had it too by now) we leave and she tells me what I need to do to clean my house and the brushes and I don't have to throw them away (so relieved to hear that part).  So I go home, but on my way I think of a question so I call Shelly she patiently answers my question and I hang up.   The day that she treated me I called her no kidding 5 times with little questions cause I was so worried.  My last call to her is to ask her if she will look at me again tomorrow I feel something, she says yes of course so we go back. 


She retreats us for my sanity and we leave again.  So at this point I have texted her 3 times and it is finally time for our recheck and we are ALL CLEAR.

She makes dealing with this so much easier and the caring personal attention she gives each of her clients is unparrell to anything. 


I highly recommend going to her if you ever find yourself with this problem.  Just skip the over the counter stuff.  It doesn't work anyway and research as shown that the lice are becoming immune to it anyway. 


Shelly and her staff will take EXCELLENT care of you and your family!

The money spent for treatment was more than worth it...I have told all my friends about Heads Up....I was so thankful....


~ Debbie C.

Made Things Easy and Fun

  I cannot express how grateful I am for Heads Up.  When I received the call from my children’s school I was not looking forward to my afternoon of getting rid of lice!  The nurse at the school had given me Shelly’s business card and after speaking to Shelly I decided that I was going to let her help us.  


She was able to meet me within 30 minutes, which was fantastic.  She was so knowledgeable (I felt like a lice expert after spending the afternoon with her).  She made it easy and fun for my children.  We left there and we were lice free!  I would recommend Heads Up to anyone that has to deal with lice. 

    ~Kelli J.

They Even Checked Our Dolls!

My experience with Heads Up of North Florida was outstanding under the stressful situation that brought my family there. Both of my girls and myself had lice again! It seems to happen nearly every year around the same time (when school starts)!!


But after spending $200 + already & not getting rid of them I found Shelly :):). I was skeptical at first, not knowing if it was a legit treatment but I figured I had nothing to lose. After all 3 of us where treated, at the request of my youngest daughter,


Shelly proceeded to check her dolls long blonde hair. It was so sweet of her to do that. She really made us feel comfortable & that goes a long way in a situation like this. I highly recommend Heads Up! It is well worth it!
~Leia C.

Our FSA Covered The Expense

As a mom of six children, the last words you want to hear from their mouth is "mom I have lice!' Especially for the second time in 2 months. After battling lice and all that goes with that and being 9 months pregnant (delivery within 2 weeks) I was relieved to be lice free.


One month later to hear those words again. Ugh!! Now I have a 2 week old and 4 kids with lice. To say I was overwhelmed was an understatement. How was I going to do all the tedious "nit picking", daily wash, vacuuming and hair treatments with a 2 week old??? 


Imagine the relief I felt to find Heads up. The treatment was easy and they were so flexible with me and my kids schedule. I had to have all 5 kids heads checked and tend to the needs of my newborn. The staff was very kid friendly and professional.

They put us at ease and got rid of the lice. the icing on the cake was to find out that my FSA covered the expense. Thank you Heads Up for getting rid of our lice and giving us back our peace of mind!!
~ Dawn D.

Helped Our Family Immensely

Finding out your child has lice is a stressful situation to say the least.  Heads Up helped out my family immensely!!  Their facility & friendly personalities made this not so pleasant experience much better!  I am forever thankful to Heads Up and highly recommend their services!
~ Christine F.
~Leia C.

Heads Up Lice Removal Testimonals

Friendly Staff

Honest Assessments

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